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At Trade Routes Furniture Collection we offer a well-balanced collection. Designs ranging from rustic to eclectic, from antique to contemporary, well proportioned and durable for today's casual chic lifestyles. 

The collection provides an infusion of style and strength, resulting in affordable pieces to furnish one's home.

Entering the new furniture showroom one is lifted to a different time and place. We offer antiques, art work, both old and new, accessories, and furniture hailing from India, Kenya & Zanzibar. The Collection combines an old world charm and craftsmanship with elements of contemporary styling and functionality, resulting in distinctive pieces that offer limitless possibilities for the home. 

The furniture is all solid wood construction, with many pieces utilizing reclaimed architectural elements, lending them a rich and romantic heritage.

If you are unable to find something in our current collection, we also offer a popular pre-order service, whereby we are able to source a range of furniture and architectural accents to your exact taste & requirements. Delivery of such orders would typically coincide with the arrival of our latest container.

We make sure the final product is just what you want, and just how you imagined it would look. On time.  And on budget. What could be simpler?

We hope you enjoy viewing the collection and look forward to welcoming you at The Showroom.​​​

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Loresho Ridge, Nairobi, Kenya

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+254 718 044636

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